Motley Crue Leak Drug Rest Room Photo


Nikki Sixx posted a Motley Crue tour rehearsal photo banning drugs, as seen below.

The iconic, Vince Neil is no joke when it comes to his star power. Not only has Vince Neil dominated the charts in his past, but he has also been a TV star as well varying from ‘The Surreal Life’ to ‘Skating With The Stars.’ Vince has also made cameos in movies such as ‘Sharknado 4.’ Now, it seems that a new era for Neil has arrived as he is ready to bare it all in a documentary about his life, struggles, and addictions.

Reelz TV have announced that the new special, tentatively titled, “Motley Crue’s Vince Neil: My Story” will premiere on Sunday, June 26th at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.

As the description of the documentary goes: “Vince Neil, the lead singer of legendary heavy metal band Motley Crue gives viewers exclusive insight into his wild ride to fame and its many bumps in the road. In candid and fresh interviews with never before heard stories Neil details what led him to music, the formation and early days of Motley Crue, surviving the hardest of party days and how he navigated the road to super stardom.”

How can anyone forget the ups and downs that have been filled within Vince’s story? As many remember, Vince chose to make a comeback to music a few years ago only to be turned into a meme. He then came back again in great health and with an even better voice to shock the world.

The description continues: “Neil also gets candid about his much publicized setbacks from the heartbreak of losing a child to being arrested for driving under the influence and causing a crash that killed a friend. Sharing their stories of Neil are those closest to him including his son and daughter, bandmates Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee and others who have been a part of his story through today.

The documentary also comes at the right time for Motley Crue as they will be set to kick off a 36 city tour this month (June 2022) 41 years after first forming the band.

Special thanks to Anti Music.