Pearl Jam Member Reveals If Band Will Retire, No Recording Plans?

138 have up a new interview with Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament.

The article states, “Pearl Jam also will play two shows each in Seattle, Chicago and Boston starting in August. The short U.S. tour will follow a 13-stop European tour in June and July.

Ament, who turned 55 last month, also is releasing a solo album and said that Pearl Jam does not have any immediate plans to go back into the studio.

But after 28 years together, the band doesn’t plan to slow down its heavy touring schedule.”

This portion is followed up by a quote from Ament.

“There’s really nothing better than getting together with our friends and playing music,” Ament said. “It wouldn’t really make sense to stop.”

Ament’s quote likely means that Pearl Jam are done recording their new album, rather than a sign of the project being delayed. If Pearl Jam are done recording their new album, they don’t need to return to the studio. The band announced a new album was coming last month with the release of “Can’t Deny Me.”

Ament discussed getting into music in a new MTPR interview.

“The thing that really got me into music was punk rock music, and in particular, punk rock music that was political in nature. I was really into Krass who is an English band who was vegetarian and they were anarchy and you know really so far to the left. But it was interesting to me. And then also I was really into the Dead Kennedys. And Jello Biafra was really eloquent — he ran for mayor of San Francisco — and sort of presenting things from a side that I had never heard explained intelligently before. And there was real power in that to me. Like it gave the music and the heavy rock gravitas.

Like, I love Van Halen, but Van Halen was just sort of a party band and you went had fun and forgot about your problems or whatever. But when you saw a band that was up there really convicted to the things that they believed in and they were putting that through thousands of watts of amps. It was something else that just hit you harder and it was a sort of band that I always wanted to be in. And putting this band together from the very beginning sort of where we come from.”