Jimmy Page Is ‘Finished’ Touring For Stunning Reason


Jimmy Page revealed that he has been focused on Led Zeppelin reissues, and that those have been taking up his time, as he is no longer touring and playing live. He also recently worked on a spoken word poetry album with his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet. Jimmy Page’s girlfriend recently made an awful money revelation.

Page recently told Interview Magazine, “What I’ve been producing over the last few years are Led Zeppelin rereleases and catalog items. It means a lot of listening to quarter-inch tapes, and it’s all in real time. I had to approach this project in such a way that the first album speaks for itself.

The last and ninth album of the studio albums were Coda, so on every album in between, I had to make sure all of these companion discs were done and present the idea to the record company along with new artwork—that way to ensure the complete vision of the recordings were released.”

Jimmy Page described a ‘disturbing’ record with a woman yesterday. Page also recently posted on social media, “On this day in 1984, Sea of Love by The Honeydrippers was released, which was Robert Plant’s project at the time. I was asked to guest with some guitar solos which I did in the spirit of good camaraderie, as I was then working with Paul Rodgers and The Firm.

I overdubbed and soloed over a series of tracks in the UK that Robert had recorded in New York under the musical directorship of Paul Shaffer, who was also house band leader and keyboard player on the David Letterman show.”