Pearl Jam Member Reveals How Nirvana Can Save Rock Again


Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron was asked in a recent interview about the legacy of the Grunge movement, and how guitar rock is no longer popular. He also discussed why he still sees Nirvana as the future of music due to how timeless their music is, and what they stood for. Here are the quotes from the interview with Rockol. Keep in mind the interview was published in Italian, so these are translated quotes and Cameron may have used different verbiage in his answers.

“Oh no, not any more, unfortunately. We tried to maintain control over our music and avoid the niceties, make it a bit dirty. We were tired of of the clean rock [at the time], we drew from the spirit of punk.”

“As for the cultural impact, none of us could predict it, but basically that’s what happen when you make music looking for a connection with the listener. Is the ideal situation: you can succeed without compromising your own sound.

Today it’s all too easy to overproduce music, and over think it until you lose the original spark. I have two teenage sons, and the other day we were listening to Nevermind in the car. That record for me still represents the future of music. It is still a point of reference for writing, producing, integrity.”

When the interviewer asked if it was dated, Cameron did not believe so.

“Oh no, it’s as fresh and intense as it was then. Because it is real.”