Slash Reveals If Guns N’ Roses Feel Reunited Without Izzy Stradlin & Steven Adler


Slash, who has barely said anything about his return to Guns N’ Roses outside of thanking cities the band performs in on Twitter, made a tweet on Sunday where he described it as a ‘reunion.’ Some fans have avoided calling it a reunion due to Izzy Stradlin’s snub from the lineup and Steven Adler only making a few guest appearances. He also revealed that he’s had a ‘blast’ with Guns N’ Roses.

“I want to say thanks to all the fans who made the GNR reunion such a big event. It’s been a fucking blast, and more to come!

Read the tweet below, and then find out about a possible feud between GNR and their film director!

Mark Haefeli, who filmed proshot GNR shows last year, wrote on Facebook late last week, “The band…did a few more shoots…bones..but when it came time to get serious they sucker punched me. Revenge is the best measure against assholes like these and I will get mine…I’m like a sniper sitting in the tree…quietly…waiting…and then BANG…the target is a clean hit.”

Haefeli wrote this prior to April 1st, but on April 1st said it was an April Fools joke.