Pearl Jam Member Shares Mysterious Recording Photos


Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron has released new photos on his Instagram story of himself recording new material. It’s unclear if they could be ideas for Pearl Jam’s new album or solo material.

According to an October Easy Street Records post, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is hard at work on new music. Vedder announced in September during Pearl Jam’s final 2018 show that the next time the band would play would be in the studio.

The band’s new album was expected in 2018 when the band released “Can’t Deny Me” and it was announced that it would appear on Pearl Jam’s ‘forthcoming new album,’ but it appears fans will have to wait until sometime in 2019. Eddie Vedder has only released a few new original songs since Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt album in 2013, including “Out of Sand” for the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Members of Pearl Jam have mentioned over the last couple years working on new music, with updates given at certain points that the band were halfway there in regards to finishing the new album. Pearl Jam have not revealed a producer yet, but Brendan O’Brien has worked with Pearl Jam on all of their releases since 2009’s Lightning Bolt after taking a break from producing the band following their classic 90’s records. Pearl Jam toured North America, South America, and Europe this year, though the North American shows were limited to a few stadiums in limited cities.

Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron has shared a new video of himself jamming in the studio, with a painting of Chris Cornell seen in the background. Cameron wrote that it was ‘Dad Rock’ with Tony Hawk.

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready recently tweeted, “Today will be a busy day! Who wants some new music?”

McCready has been hard at work, having worked on new Pearl Jam music this year, along with a new release with Donna Grantis.