Perry Farrell Almost Fired Dave Navarro From Jane’s Addiction Over Facebook Post


On a new Dark Matter podcast, Dave Navarro discussed Perry Farrell wanting to fire his guitar tech Dan Cleary over a Facebook post sometime in the last decade. Navarro stood up for his tech, saying Farrell would have to fire him from Jane’s Addiction if he wanted his tech gone. Cleary is now on better terms with Farrell, serving as somewhat of a member of his new band Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra.

Navarro brought up the story by joking that Farrell had fired himself and Stephen Perkins, since Jane’s Addiction have been on hiatus for a year, and even before then they had become a greatest hits act, not having released any new music since 2011’s The Great Escape Artist.

Navarro said, “You know what I love is you were going to get fired over a Facebook comment years ago by Perry and now me and Perkins are fired, and you’re in his band.”

“Now that he’s in the band, you don’t want to get into that.”

Cleary said, “But Dave had my back huge during that. You said, ‘If you are firing Dan, you are firing me.’ Or firing something similar to that. So thank you for that.

Navarro added, “I fucking need Dan, the guy who knows my shit inside and out.”

  • sharkguitar

    That would be a tragedy if Dave had to carry his amp, guitars, etc. and have to tune them himself.

    • Grazzly

      Haha yeah because that’s all a tech does amirite?

      • sharkguitar

        I’ve never had one and don’t need one. I’m sure I play more gigs than Navarro. I’m sure he probably makes more than me.

        • mbear

          Well, that is a pretty bold statement. Care to extrapolate on what band you’re in, what kind of gigs you play and how often you’re playing them, and maybe a reason as to why you’re able to do this all on your own?

          I mean, if you are not in need of an instrument switch or an alternate tuning for whatever reason, then so be it. But if that is part of the process and you’re playing every night, then how do you go about doing it?

          • sharkguitar

            No band you’ve ever heard of. For years I played from 5pm until 2 am, four days a week for $35.00 an hour in a five piece band playing the hits for rubes.The bass player had taken lessons from Jaco and the drummer had played with Asleep at the Wheel for five years. Nine sets a night times four is 36 sets a week divides by 4 would equal 9 gigs a week. We never rehearsed one time. I only brought one Fender Strat, Fender Vibrolux Reverb and chords and a tuner. I didn’t get paid extra if I used effects, so I didn’t. They would have just got beer spilled on them or cause someone to trip. I usually bring two guitars but this place was outdoors in Florida where you had to hand truck any gear a quarter mile. It was brutal, 100 degrees and at night the lights drew walls of insects. With Tips I’d make a little over $350.00 a night…..that were actually two gigs. Luckily we had the proper medications for the job. In 89-90 I played 500 road gigs in 23 months with a Country band on salary of $325.00 a week. It came out to $70.00 a gig. Before that I was in a band called the Speedboys that put out three albums of original material that got favorable reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine. Denny Freeman who managed the Fabulous Thunderbirds and the Beat Farmers expressed interest in managing the band but some members didn’t want to tour. We opened for a ton of National acts at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pa. I also played in Bo Diddley’s band when he played the area for $100 a night. About 1988 Bo started using Ron Wood from the Stones for the Gunslingers tour. I’m pretty sure Ron made more than me. I’m still playing gigs like I have been since 1969, but things have slowed down some since 2008 when places started hiring Duos and single acts. I have a decent collection of pre 65 guitars but only gig with Strats and Teles because they don’t break when they’re dropped or knocked over. There is been very little “Glory” in my career, just a lot of work and unhealthy behavior but that’s the music biz.

          • sharkguitar

            I looked at Navarro’s schedule. It appears he’s played 26 gigs since 2001.

  • Bk native

    Definitely time for a new Jane’s album! Or just keep touring and include all tunes from the few albums as well as the EP. There’ll always be an audience for Jane’s addiction! But, some new kick ass material from the band who broke open the door for all other indie/alt bands would be the shit!

    • Stifler’s Mom

      Jane’s has aged really well. So many other ‘90s bands sound a little dated when I hear them on modern rock radio. Jane’s never sounds dusty or retro to me.

      • Bk native

        Totally agree! They’re music sounds just as fresh now as the day they originally released it. I also think they were more original in terms of their music, sounds, and song writing than alot of bands that came after them. As well as their shows still have a big excitement factor when you see them whereas other bands sound like they’re just going through the motions. Perry is working on a new project but I really hope they get around to writing a new kick ass album sometime in the next few years.