Pearl Jam Mess Up Performance Of “Leash”


Pearl Jam played in Toronto last night, and Stone Gossard messed up an attempted performance of “Leash.”

01. Daughter
02. Come Back
03. Sometimes
04. Her Majesty-(Lennon, McCartney)
05. All Those Yesterdays
{Ed talks about playing Toronto 17 times. Starts to mention not playing Vancouver as much because of border issues. Realizes he has a border crossing coming and starts to praise Canadian customs. Plays the next song for those suffering in Ukraine.}
06. River Cross
07. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright) (30 seconds long)
08. Corduroy
09. Hail Hail
10. Deep
11. Quick Escape
12. Even Flow
13. Who Ever Said/I Can’t Get No Satisfaction-(Jagger, Richards) 12 seconds long in style of Devo cover
14. I Got Shit/Cinnamon Girl-(Young) 50 seconds
15. Never Destination
16. Dissident
17. Lukin
18. Reavviewmirror

Encore Break
{Jeff is now wearing a “Gord Fucking Downie” t-shirt
Ed mentions some charities like Global Citizen, Ed and Jill’s EB charity and Matt introduced Ed to War Child. An audience member has a sign suggesting they play Light Years for Gord Downie. Ed gets the sign from the crowd and they play the song}

19. Light Years (for Gord Downie)
20. Do The Evolution
21. Last Kiss-(Cochran) (to the back of the arena)
22. Jeremy
{The band starts into Leash but Stone makes a mistake and things grind to a halt. Stone then launches into Alive. Almost stops but Ed encourages him to keep going.}
23. Alive
{Josh Klinghoffer and Jeff Ament change instruments. Josh on bass and Jeff on keys}
24. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)