Maynard James Keenan Reveals Tool Final Album Bombshell

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Maynard James Keenan has responded to a fan claiming to have the leaked lyrics to the new Tool song “Invincible” which references a ‘swan song’ and ‘grand finale’ in the song off of the new Tool album.

“‘Stay the grand finale, stay the reading of our swan song and epilogue one try to stay alive, elementary, muster every fiber, move the line.’ Does this look familiar?”

Maynard responded, “No.”

Tool fans raved on Reddit about the bands recent show in Zurich.

GenitalJouster posted, “So I didn’t like the pre band too much. Not the vibe I came to the concert for. Pretty good chords but I wasn’t too fond of the front singer (subjective)

Then Tool came and the bass just slammed my chest. My heart literally beat to the drums. And they were loud and hard and fast. And that’s how my heart went.

Many favourites, a 10000 says/parabol mashup, a couple new songs (I didn’t know anyways) one of which was absolutely amazing – so I got to check that out.

Maynard was awesome and creepy. He had this weird movement where he would crouch over and would teeter his upper body left and right to the beat. It creeped the fuck out of me but it looked so amazing.

The effects were awesome. They had a full blown laser show but more amazingly they had these veils in front of the stage where they would project pictures on and it was pretty trippy. The screens in the background showed the usual Tool-style-visuals as we know them from their videos.

It was an awesome experience. I hope it doesn’t take another 10 years for me to get the chance to see them again.

I shot a video of the last song and would like to upload it if anyone can tell me how I can upload that from my phone (its over 6 mins)

Also got one of the crowd :)”

RengiFang commented, “Awesome gig. The band was very tight. Invincible and Descending are top notch. Descending reminds me so much of a Floyd track, but Floyd at their best with all four members, minus Syd. Majik Man was vocally strong, with his voice high in the mix. It was fascinating to see him attack the songs. Lots of passion and movement. A very different manifestation to the one I have seen with APC and Puscifer. The performance was well worth the effort we put in to drive from Wales. Hopefully Tool will visit Europe again in December.”

Maynard James Keenan has been in the news, as a Nine Inch Nails insider recently made a claim about what he really does during live performances.

  • Brian

    Help me out? This is actually a cute story about a fan trying to get lyrics right for the song “Decending.”
    Why write a title for this, that is a lie, and then not bother to fact check your own article?

    Come on, be better!

  • Erick Southworth

    I agree, the title of this article is very misleading, and a little cruel. There already rumors of this being the end for “Tool”. Even if last album I still wanna see some live shows.

  • Al Harlen

    You guys really need to stop clickbaiting TOOL and every single tweet Maynard makes. Yea, we’re all anxious with anticipation, but calm it down Alternative Nation

  • Forager.B

    You don’t need to lie to get Tool fans to come read your story about Tool, this is such bullshit the way you bait these articles. Of course, we are all iditots in a sense for continuing to click and validate your strategy but the irony is that it’s totally unnecessary.

    • Robby Wallace


    • Ryan Baker

      I just posted this same thought on the other guy’s article (the one who steals this guy’s posts and comes up with equally insulting titles). Why don’t you try out some accurate and honest titles and see if your views drop. And keep in mind that views are just the tip of the iceberg. You also need retention, and loyal readers who might eventually buy something. So an initial drop isn’t the end of the world. If you keep baiting, you’re only going to scare us away and get permanent blocks from those you trick the first few times.

  • Raistlin81

    What was the bombshell? “No”?