Pearl Jam New Album & Tour In 2023 Revealed


Pearl Jam may be back in the studio once again to record their newest album. In a recent radio interview with Stone Gossard, it was said that the band are all writing music once again and that this will most definitely lead to a new album.

Pearl Jam have always been known for commentating on everything that is currently happening at the moment that their album releases. So, surely, there will be a lot of content in the upcoming album. Stone didn’t really go too much into this as there was no sign from him on when exactly the album would be done or what we should expect from it.

Pearl Jam’s direction, at least, musically has changed with almost every record that they release. Spanning from their first album to now, it’s very hard to disagree with the fact that their sound has evolved and continues to evolve every time that they’re in the studio together.

Eddie Vedder has gone off on his own multiple times, and very successfully at that. Other members have gone on outside of the band as well, but even though each member has found success outside of Pearl Jam; no one ever reached the same success as what the band was able to accomplish as an entire outfit.

Regardless, the band is together again and are looking to get this record done. It was reported on Twitter that they will be recording over the next year, so the album drop date is still seemingly far away yet.

The tweet said: “Stone said they are doing more recording over the next year. A record done at some point then doing some touring again but nothing in stone yet. They are middle of recording. Everyone is writing songs.”