Kayne West Drops Aaron Carter Death Bombshell


Kayne West is not one to shy away from his perceived version of the truth. After all, the truth will set you free, and Mr. West has indeed been set free by his faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Despite his detractors (those who are merely Jealous), West admits truth’s about himself despite insults. Recently, West told the world that he is not bipolar, but might be slightly autistic. Oh well.

As per Hip Hop DX, West claimed he is not Bipolar and said the devil is working through China in yet another bizarre interview. Bizarre to some, not to others. Keep reading…

Ye was stopped by celebrity gossip outlet X17 outside the Cornerstone Christian Church in Los Angeles (the epicenter of deception) on Sunday (December 11), where the Donda hitmaker admitted he might be “slightly autistic.” I bet the majority of the world is slightly autistic.

West said:

“Like my dad said: ‘You know, they’re gonna smear your name if you’re associated with Hitler.’ Yeah, obviously! Of course, dad,” Kanye said while stood next to his car and donning a facemask. “Good idea, thanks a lot.”

West continued: “The truth is Jesus says love everyone, God says love everyone. For me, I believe that in no way I am not Bipolar, I am not in some kind of episode, but I may be slightly autistic-like ‘Rain Man’, and that’s part of my superpower!

“That’s the reason why I can produce tracks and design and do so many things but what I can’t do. There’s two things that I can’t do: I can’t accept hate and I can’t hate.”

There you have it. Truth wins out. West, congratulations for speaking boldly about the truth that so many shy away from and deny. Christ is the way, the life and the truth.

Ye also recently suggested on Clubhouse that Brittany Murphy and Aaron Carter went through MK Ultra before their deaths, and suggested there was a conspiracy behind them.