Pearl Jam Reveal How Eddie Vedder Reacted To Dave Abruzzese Having Guns


Pearl Jam discussed Dave Abbruzzese telling the band he owned guns and how the conversation led to lines Eddie Vedder sang in “Glorified G” in a new SiriusXM Vs. 25th anniversary special. The story came up when discussing the song “Glorified G”. Alternative Nation transcribed Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament’s comments.

Stone Gossard said, “I remember listening to the sort of rough take that everybody was sort of liking, and I remember thinking it was pretty good, but are we really settled into it, and does it feel great? Brendan was like, ‘No, this is going to be great. Trust me, you’re going to love it.’ I remember maybe the next day or the day after, Ed went in and sang a vocal. As I was listening to that vocal, and where Ed placed that vocal in that song, and how he kind of heard the groove, and where his vocal sat in it, all the spots that felt a little bit funny, or a little bit disjointed, suddenly smoothed out.”

He also mentioned that having a singer as great as Eddie Vedder can elevate a song like “Glorified G”.

Jeff Ament added, “I think there’s a line in this next song that actually might have actually come from my Dad. I think there’s a line that says ‘always keep it loaded’ in ‘Glorified G’. I think that might have been part of the conversation that we were having in practice when Dave mentioned that he owned a couple of guns. One of my favorite tracks we’ve ever recorded, a song called ‘Glorified G’.”