Pearl Jam Reveal If It Was Their Decision To Leave Dave Abbruzzese Out Of Rock Hall of Fame


Pearl Jam revealed in a statement to Rolling Stone that it was not their decision to leave Dave Abbruzzese and Jack Irons out of the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted lineup, following their public invitation to Abbruzzese, Irons, and Matt Chamberlain to attend the ceremony.

Rolling Stone reported, “Asked whether Abbruzzese, Chamberlain and Irons would be inducted into the Rock Hall, a representative for Pearl Jam said the inductees are solely determined by the Rock Hall and not the band. Following Pearl Jam’s invitation, a rep for the Rock Hall confirmed to Rolling Stone that only Krusen and Cameron would be inducted.”

Pearl Jam announced on Saturday that they hope to reunite with all of their past drummers at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month, including Dave Abbruzzese and Jack Irons. Read the band’s full note to fans below.


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese posted a Facebook life event on last week titled ‘Life is Funnier than Shit.’ In the status, Abbruzzese shared a quote from Stevie Salas about his snub from Pearl Jam’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Abbruzzese said it was ‘Salas telling it like it is…’ Read the quote from Salas that Abbruzzese shared below.

At a concert in Europe telling the story how I found the missing Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese ( who was on the tour with me).

He was in the band for the first world tour and the Vrs and Vitaligy records that’s together sold 30 million copies plus.

Pearl Jam is going into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and they are snubbing Dave and as a fan and musician I’m really pissed off!!

Everyone write the HOF and PJ and tell them to get this shit together and do the right thing.

This morning Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins and I were deep into it about this ( Taylor first met Dave Abbruzzese in my house while Dave was doing dishes during the Vitaligy years when Taylor was with Alanis).

Taylor said he is calling Grohl and we are all gonna pitch a wang dang doodle about this!