Pearl Jam Reveal If They’re Debuting New Material In 2018


As Pearl Jam for their upcoming stadium shows in North America, guitarist Mike McCready was asked by KEXP if the band are planning on debuting new material, as The Home Shows at Safeco Field in Seattle are coming up next week.

“We may do one of the songs that you might have played earlier this evening [Can’t Deny Me]. We’ll see, I don’t know. It’s going to be special, I’m sure Ed is thinking very hard about it right now, in terms of what to play.”

McCready also discussed being nervous for the hometown gigs, which are raising awareness for homelessness in the Seattle area.

“I’m getting really nervous for them right now, and I didn’t think I was going to be. There is that thought, I always thought I can handle that, now I’m just starting to panic a little bit, but it’s a good panic.I’m happy and honored we can play two shows at Safeco, that’s a crazy dream come true to me. There’s a level of I want to play as well as I can, it’s important to me, and important to the band. I’m nervous, I’ll put it that way, and excited. Nervous and excited.”

Pearl Jam have indicated that they hope to release a new album in 2019.