Pearl Jam Singer Announces Tragic Loss In Family


Keenanite posted a recap of Pearl Jam’s show in Chicago, where Eddie Vedder announced his great aunt had passed away. “Awesome show. This was show 16 for me and I was able to hear In My Tree for the first time which was a treat. The setlist had so many great surprises that it’s hard to know where to start. They continue to sound amazing and have to be considered one of the best live bands of all time (if not the best).

Having now seen them two shows in a row (St. Paul 2 and Chicago 1), it’s notable how much Eddie is connecting with the crowd and really being quite effusive about his gratitude and appreciation for the PJ community. And it’s been really interesting to hear the stories and use of the projector to show pictures of people that have meant a lot to him. Really cool to hear the story in St. Paul about the boy, Charlie, who suffered from epidermolysis bullosa as well as the stories and pictures last night about his Great Aunt Sandy who passed away recently and the great story about going to his grandmother’s old apartment and meeting the people outside and current owner (who Eddie invited to the show along with his son who is starting med school this week). In short, it’s a really interesting direction that adds a lot more emotion and connection to the shows.

One note about the comparison between St. Paul 2 and Chicago 1. I may be biased as I’m from Minnesota, but I thought the crowd was a bit better in St. Paul. Chicago was great, but I’ve always wondered if the big cities kind of “expect” something special and are less likely to be overly enthusiastic while crowds in the smaller places that are less frequently played (i.e. Minnesota, Moline, etc.) are so appreciative that they go ape-sh*t the whole night. That’s not to knock Chicago at all, but I think there was a stronger crowd vibe in St. Paul.

With all that said, so grateful this amazing band is still playing. Keep rockin’ on, everyone. Enjoy the rest of the tour!”