90’s Singer Reveals Foo Fighters Saved Rock


Garbage singer Shirley Manson posted on Instagram, “Last night in Curitiba, Brazil we watched 60 thousand fans as they connected with their heroes @foofighters and it was truly poetic and utterly magical. It really struck me last night that they are one of the last true rock bands flying the flag for all of us weirdos who never fitted in, never wanted to smile and be pleasing just for pleasing’s sake.

For those of us who were always searching for deeper connection. For those of us needing more than just a catchy pop song.For those of us with rage in our hearts but kindness in our souls. For those of us seeking communal joy and wild abandon. For those of us who were never the popular kids, never the sport star, always the wallflower.

They say rock music is dying as a genre and maybe it is but last night the Foo Fighters were still on the battleground, waving the flag for all us freaks and geeks, lovers and losers. For all of us hoping to find some kind of peace on earth and have our souls soothed by the sound of untethered fuel and fury. May the gods bless the foo foos and keep them safe. We need them now more than ever.

Ps. Beautiful Taylor’s spirit was all around and everywhere. Always remembered. Never forgotten.”