Pearl Jam Stunning $1 Million Offer Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s new art project with artist Wyland is worth $1 million according to a new post on Wyland’s Facebook page, though it’s not clear how series he’s being.

“Last week I painted my 101st whaling wall on the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. I had a little paint left over so I decided to tag the suite I was staying in that was right next door to Pearl Jam’s suite. I forgot to ask for permission. Oops! 😇 When I left, I sent the general manager a text saying I left a million dollars of art for you before I got on the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska.

They didn’t get back to me for a few days, but finally got back to me and said they loved it! So if you’re in Seattle ask for the new Wyland suite. 🐙 Or Eddie Vedder’s Pearl Jam suite is pretty cool too!! 🎸 🎤 🎵 • #wyland #wylandsuite @theedgewater @norwegianblissofficial @ The Edgewater.”

Audrey commented, “Wyland, I met you in ‘86 when I was pregnant with my daughter. You were in a Florida Art Gallery showing your work. I bought a Harp Seal print, which you were so kind to sign. I’ve admired your passion and work since then. I now live in Seattle, and will go to the Edgewater to see your latest masterpiece!”

Wyland responded, “Great I think you’ll like the painting.” Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill recently discussed a ‘horrific’ disease and how they’re trying to find a cure.