Pearl Jam Stunning ‘Secret’ New Album Leak Revealed


Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club boards that Eddie Vedder’s wife has hinted that he has new music coming, and fans have inferred that there could even be two new albums. Vedder has not released a new album since the 2013 Pearl Jam album Lightning Bolt. His last solo album was 2011’s Ukulele Songs. So while many impatient Pearl Jam fans have thought Eddie Vedder may not have been working on too much new music in recent years, they may be about to be proved wrong.

JPPJ84 posted:

“Has anyone read what Eddies wife wrote on her Instagram? In the comments for the last picture. It’s in French, my French sucks but she’s still insinuating that new music (EV/PJ/maybe both) is coming „soon and they‘d be going back to Paris at some point.
She wouldn’t just write that for no reason, would she?!”

Tristelune posted:

“Just checked it and that’s the idea.

No timeframe though, so not really a breaking news, nonetheless it made my day and I hope all of this happen in the near future.”

darwinstheory posted:

“Ed’s wife is gonna hit the big time. Alt Nation in 5…4…3…2…”

BrainofBGA posted:

“And hinting there could be two records on the way…wow!”

JPPJ84 posted:

“The post has been deleted… 🤔”

pursuedbybear posted:

“I saw the same thing, and my janky French agrees with the above. No screenshots, alas.”

BrainofBGA posted:

“I jumped on and checked out the Instagram page. Couldn’t resist, and someone queried whether it was an Ed or PJ album, the response was something like ‘that’s the secret, it could be both’ …(or something to that effect)”

JPPJ84 posted:

“Because it’s been deleted. Basically she said Ed and her would go back to Paris once the album is finished. Someone asked what album, PJs or EVs? She said it’s a secret, could be either or both, you never know. Said someone freaked out and a day later it was gone.

I loved it! 😉😎”