Robert Plant Abandons Terrible Led Zeppelin Performance


Robert Plant has uploaded video on Instagram of an impromptu performance in Russia for a very small audience of Led Zeppelin fans. He wrote, “29 Psalms… Sunday in Pyramiden Russian Arctic… tonight Halden.” The performance is lighthearted and sloppy, with Plant and his bandmates quickly abandoning it. Fun stuff! Robert Plant recently revealed a stunning Jimi Hendrix secret.

lord_of_the_striings commented, “Well plant’s reached a new low…lol.”

miinhh1 responded, “@lord_of_the_striings your mom probably reached pretty low for him back in the days.”

jwc3685 shot back, “@lord_of_the_striings I was gonna say biggest Band on planet and now this! He’s just fucking around though but still! 😂”

jackie_d_robins commented: “I LOVE IT!!!! My 15 year old son was diagnosed with very rare childhood colon cancer. He loves your music especially Big Log. We took him and his twin brother and one of my 5 sons to your concert in San Antonio 💙💙💙”

giallo.coco said, “Just as goofy and adorable as you were years and years ago, some things just never change ❤”

pkoukiou wrote, “Absolutely adorable! ❤ I’ve watched this vid a million times and I can’t get enough of it! 😊”

niagaramp2019’s commented, “No matter how cool someone is, they won’t be a cool at 75 year old Robert Plant playing music in Russia @badgerstevenson @tomingalsbe2 @beer_safety_inspector.”

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