Pearl Jam Suddenly Lose Member On 2022 Tour


Eddie Vedder announced at Pearl Jam’s show in Oakland last night that drummer Matt Cameron has contracted the virus, leading to Josh Klinghoffer from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Richard Stuverud filling in. Vedder said despite Matt’s superhero powers, he still got the virus, and postponement and cancelation ‘weren’t an option.’ A fan named Josh Arroyo played drums on the last song “Yellow Ledbetter.”

Demay posted on the Ten Club board, “Pretty amazing for the band to pull off tonight’s show. Josh klinghoffer and Richard were amazing, considering they had to figure things out quickly. And, just think about it..a dude gets up one morning, knowing he’s going to a Pearl Jam show that night, and ends up playing drums with them onstage, to yellow Ledbetter, to close the night. That has to be one of that dudes life highlights and we all got to be a part of it. Pretty cool night.”

Cabbie wrote, “It was wonderful. Josh and Richard did a tremendous job filling in for Matt. Yes, the setlist was very heavy on the hits, but the whole band played with incredible energy and grace. Impossible to leave disappointed after seeing how much love they shared tonight. They sounded so good. Mike’s solo on Black was unreal.

The audience member playing drums on YLB was a treat! He should be proud!

I hope Matt is feeling fine and recovers quickly. The band did such a good job adjusting to the situation. Thank you! Nights like this are a reminder of why they’re the best.

I traveled across the country for this and had a blast.”

Hold On said, “Just got home from the show. A unique show. Yes, it was pretty much a greatest hits show, but not complaining because it was impressive just to pull off the show at all. Really appreciate the band stepping up to this challenge, and appreciate Josh and Richard filling in. Starting off the show with RITFW and Eddie throwing tambourines into the crowd on the opening song was definitely a first for me. Tomorrow should be interesting and I hope the rest of the band stays healthy and hope Matt gets well soon.”