Fox News Host Attacks U2 Singer In Ukraine


Fox News have taken a big stance on how they feel about the band, U2. Known for their political antics, U2 have been a staple within the humanitarian lifestyle. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on the other hand took some time out of his lengthy story ridden schedule to poke some fun at U2 members Bono and The Edge for playing in Ukraine during such harsh social issues.

Alluding to U2 playing in the Ukraine, Greg Gutfeld asked the following about those who inhabit the Ukraine: “Haven’t they been through enough?” This had the audience torn between those who are fans of U2’s music and those who aren’t. Surely, no one has yet forgotten about the time when an Ipod came stock with a U2 album. Some haven’t laid down their arms for that one.

All of the commentary from Gutfeld wasn’t over after the first quip about the band. He made another joke about the band mocking how ‘at least U2 didn’t play their worst song’. To that he had stated: “You’ve got to give him credit for not singing Angel of Harlem.”

Just when you thought this brand of humor was over, he still had a bit more firepower in him as he then played a fake U2 ‘shredding’ video. When Gutfeld felt that this was enough, he did start to back-peddle a bit as he later would give Bono and The Edge credit for going into Ukraine. These jokes all led up to Gutfeld getting in one last punchline as he stated that a certain band would not have had the gumption to take on such a feat in such a harsh climate at this point in time.

That band that Gutfeld was speaking about was none other than the outfit known to many as Maroon Five.