Why Pearl Jam’s “Can’t Deny Me” May Have Gone Too Far


Alternative Nation reporter Lauryn Schaffner recently posted a YouTube review of Pearl Jam’s new single “Can’t Deny Me.” While Lauryn is very excited about the new album, she thinks the track may have gone too far down the political path.

“I actually really like the music and the instrumentation in the background. I think the guitars sound great, the rhythm and the melody are really cool. Eddie Vedder’s voice is kind of all over the place, there’s a couple of times he screams and sounds like his voice about to crack. Obviously I don’t think vocal delivery was really the emphasis of this song, it was more about the message.”

She also said, “I was kind of hoping that their first single after Lightning Bolt wouldn’t be about politics, just because they already focus on politics so much on their social media.”

“I hope they release another single soon that will have a different vibe and message to it.”

Watch the full video review below.