Pearl Jam’s Dave Abbruzzese Reacts To Mike McCready Saying He Deserved Hall of Fame Induction


Ex-Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has reacted to Mike McCready stating that he believes Abbruzzese should be in the Rock and Hall of Fame.

“This touched my heart.

Thank you, Mike McCready. I must admit that to hear my dear friend and former band mate acknowledge me in this friendly manner evoked an emotional response that I wasn’t prepared for, but I very much enjoyed. I am working on an album right now and would like to extend an invite to any and all Pearl Jam members including Matt Cameron to come on into the studio and make some music with me again. Wouldn’t that be something?

Thank you, Mike. I miss you, too.”

McCready told Feedback on SiriusXM yesterday, “Dave was integral at the part when we were starting to take off, and we were playing at Lollapalooza and we were opening for the Chili Peppers and Soundgarden and all that stuff,” McCready said. “And we had to have a drummer because things were blowing up really quickly and he was there right when that was happening.”

Still, McCready only had kind words for Abbruzzese, saying the two were “the tightest in that band” and adding later of his contributions, “He rode that wave and helped us through that, and so I felt like he should’ve been a part of that and he should be acknowledged because he was an amazing drummer.”

He added, “I miss Dave. Hello Dave! How you doing? I think he was a great drummer.”