Guns N’ Roses Member Reveals What Is ‘Hardest’ For Axl Rose & Slash


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus discussed why it is hard for Axl Rose and Slash to go out in public while on tour due to their fame in a new StageLeft podcast interview. Check them out on iTunes and Facebook. Alternative Nation transcribed Fortus’ comments.

“We all travel together. We’re always looking for things to do. It’s hardest for Slash and Axl to go out and enjoy a city. Slash always looks like Slash, Duff can throw a baseball cap on. Personality wise he just has a great way of assimilating and not sticking out, whereas I think it’s harder for Slash because Slash is just such an iconic image, the same with Axl, for different reasons. It would be tough I think to have that and not be able to go out and really enjoy a city.

Generally Duff and I will hang out, we’ll go out and look for stuff to see and do. You’re always looking for ways to occupy your time, and to get to know a city. I run every day, so for me that’s a great to get to see things that you usually don’t get to see.”

He also discussed joining GNR in 2001.

“At that time Tommy [Stinson] was a good friend, I knew Robin [Finck], I knew Brain, and I was excited to play with those guys. At that time, I think if I was to put together my dream band, it would probably pretty much be that band. Robin is a great talent, Tommy is an incredible musician and one of my closest friends, playing with those guys is sort of a no brainer for me.”