Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron Reacts To Dave Abbruzzese Controversy


Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron commented for the first time on the controversy surrounding former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese’s exclusion from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a new interview with Rockol. Keep in mind the interview was published in Italian, so these are translated quotes and Cameron may have used different verbiage in his answers.

The reporter asked, “Does Pearl Jam’s entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have a special meaning for you? And how many drummers will be present?”

Cameron responded, “Things are out of my control, I have no idea what will happen with the drummers. I just know that the ones who enter the Hall of Fame will be me and Dave Krusen. It is an honor. It will be fun.”

When asked about a new Pearl Jam album, Cameron said, “For now the only plan is to gather and write new songs.”

Dave Krusen, Pearl Jam’s other Hall of Fame drummer, discussed the band’s first 1990 concert in a new Seattle Times article.

“They just said, ‘We’re going to go down to this club and play,’” says Krusen, a drummer from Gig Harbor who had been hired shortly before Eddie Vedder. “We were still learning the songs. It was nerve-wracking. They just wanted to set up and play, get on stage and see how it felt.”

Krusen estimates the place was a quarter full when the band started. “By the time we were done, it had filled up a little,” he says.

Krusen says his bandmates “probably thought [the show] sucked, but I thought it was great. I’ve heard the show, and sure, the arrangements were not ironed out, but … the energy was there, and I was really blown away with Eddie.”