Soundgarden Member Reveals Why New Album Was ‘Slow’ At First


Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron discussed the band’s upcoming new album in a new interview with Rockol. Keep in mind the interview was published in Italian, so these are translated quotes and Cameron may have used different verbiage in his answers.

When asked about progress on the new Soundgarden album, Cameron said it was going well.

“Very well, although we started working on it rather slowly because of Chris’ commitments, but also mine. We recorded demos of six, maybe seven songs, and now we will write the same number. We carved out some time to write before entering the recording studio.”

He also discussed Ultramega OK’s new remix.

“We are not trying to [rewrite history], we tried to remaster Ultramega OK and it didn’t sound that great, so Jack Endino took the burdensome task of remixing it from scratch. He did it by referencing the old mix, with the result that Ultramega OK today is not radically different from the original album.”

He also discussed his mindset during that album. “I was very young and full of energy. The music, which I still find to be pretty good, reflected what were at the time: a group of twenty or something [guys].”

He added, “It seems like a lifetime ago.”

He also discussed Soundgarden using songs that were written before Cameron joined the band on early albums.

“We actually used many songs that had already been written, we did that for Louder Than Love in hindsight. Several pieces, I’d say at least 35, had been written before I joined the band. The first album of entirely new compositions was Badmotorfinger.”