Penn Badgley & Taylor Swift Bombshell Revealed

You star Penn Badgley has revealed that Taylor Swift got him to join TikTok. “I thought for years, ‘I’ll get a TikTok when the time is right,’” he told Rolling Stone. “And then when Taylor’s record came out, it just seemed the song wouldn’t have worked with anybody else. Me. Joe. Anti-Hero. Taylor Swift? It just was the perfect moment.”

Hayley Williams (singer) has stated that she credits one of her songs to one Ms. Taylor Swift. Hayley maintains that this meeting occurred when she was a mere 19 years of age (fortunately she was of age) and when she visited Ms. Swift at her home. It’s not everyday that you hear someone giving credit for creativity to someone else. That almost never happens. But today it has happened. Hayley Williams credits Ms. Swift for one of her songs.

As per People, Hayley Williams found musical inspiration through her friendship with Taylor Swift.

In an exclusive clip shared with People from Paramore’s interview with Zane Lowe on Apply Music 1, the front woman opened up about a time she visited Swift at her home in Nashville — and how that made her realize that she wanted to get her life together.

“I remember when we were 19 and I was closer with Taylor Swift at that point because we both lived in Nashville and we were both experiencing our own versions of real success for the first time,” Williams, 34, recalled. “I went over to hang out. She’s a really good cook, by the way. She’s a really good cook. She has taught me how to make stuff that I did not retain at all.”

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