Perry Farrell Reveals How Chris Cornell Was ‘Singing About Suicide’


Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell discussed Chris Cornell’s death in a new interview at Lollapalooza with 93XRT. Farrell said Cornell had been singing about suicide since his early days in music.

“I will never forget watching Chris over on this stage here, the South Stage. It was a return, [Soundgarden] hadn’t even been a group for 12 to 15 years, and their comeback was that year, and they performed at Lollapalooza, and I was very much interested to see how they performed, and what shape they were in. They lit it up.

So to not have Chris around, it hurts. As we go through life, you find that this occurrence happens more and more, almost on a daily basis, you find out that someone that you knew and loved is gone, so what do you do about it? How does that change the world? You find that the world survives, but some of the people, the greats, the great musicians, when they go it hurts especially.

He added, “What they stood for, what they were singing about. I look at the musicians like they’re the messengers, and was their message? Chris had a very heavy message. When you listen to his music now after he passes you just go wow, he was singing about suicide even back then, I don’t know what he was waiting for. It definitely takes on a different life when you listen to it now, now that he’s passed.”