Listen To Guns N’ Roses Rehearse New Music


We reported yesterday on Guns N’ Roses rehearsing with Slash’s son London playing drums during a soundcheck. Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges uploaded the videos, but did not upload audio, and we now know why. She later wrote on Instagram, “And yes the sound is off…New Music you have to wait to hear.”

A fan was filming from outside, and we now have our first audio of potential new Guns N’ Roses music.

Slash’s son played drums during a recent Guns N’ Roses soundcheck. Watch the videos below!

Unfortunately the sound to the videos was not uploaded!

In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of their ground-breaking debut album, “Appetite For Destruction”, Guns N’ Roses has announced “Guns N’ Roses Was Here”, an exclusive retail event in partnership with Maxfield and Bravado that will live in the famed Los Angeles boutique August 11-18.

“Guns N’ Roses Was Here” gives past, present and future GN’R fans a new interpretation of their celebrated 1987 album with limited-edition capsule collections. Maxfield and Bravado sought out top collaborators ranging from unexpected streetwear brands to designers deeply rooted in GN’R’s style, to bring new life to the classic artwork that has transcended time.

Peter Utz, chief branding officer of Maxfied, said: “Music has been a crucial influence in my life since a very young age. Maxfield’s first iteration of this type of model evolved with our close friends DAFT PUNK and the results surpassed all expectations. After that, it felt natural to try and work with artists I have always admired and Guns N’ Roses was at the top of that list. Their interpretation of this series will be dedicated to limited-edition pieces created specifically for the occasion. It’s been incredible to work with the designers, GN’R and their management team to celebrate such an iconic album. A very special thanks to Fernando Lebeis for all of his dedication to making this happen”

Cult streetwear brands Off-White, Palm Angels, Enfant Riches Déprimés join classic GN’R-inspired designers Amiri, Kelly Cole and MadeWorn to create an unprecedented curated collection that will excite long-time fans of the band as well as engage the next generation of fans. “With my capsule collection, which was inspired by the band, my aim is for another generation to feel the impact they had on me, through the clothes” stated Virgil Abloh, creative director for Off-White while Francesco Ragazzi of Palm Angel “loves music and being able to have my brand connected to something so iconic like Guns N’ Roses is a milestone for me and Palm Angels. It’s part of the culture.”

As a longtime fan of the brand, Mike Amiri, founder and creative director of Amiri was especially compelled to participate and stated: “As a brand, we rarely find the synergy needed to participate in an effective collaboration. A good amount of the Amiri aesthetic is directly influenced by my love for the band and I’m really proud to be working on a project so close to my heart.”

As Axl Rose has worn many of Kelly Cole’s t-shirt designs, Kelly stated that he “wanted to make something that stayed true to what we do aesthetically, and also bring the GN’R feeling and iconography into it.”

  • skunkproductions_manila

    Brett you should have said “WATCH GUNS N ROSES REHEARSE NEW MUSIC…” NOT LISTEN

    • Sandrajfisher


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  • RUFKM?

    Sounds very AC/DC, if not an AC/DC tune itself, which would make senses on a number of levels. On the other hand, it’s so generic it might just be a jam.

  • Calvin Norway

    PRETTY sure that might be a cover of Jets Cold Hard Bitch. Sounds pretty similar. In any event, I’d say the odds (considering whos on the drums) of this being them messing around and playing a cover he knows vs some new GnR material are pretty high..

    • Calvin Norway

      And yes, I know what she said. I’m just saying…the audio in the above clip isn’t what she’s talking about, or she’s making an honest mistake. YES, it’s a good sign she knows there’s new music coming!