Pete Rose Sings Pearl Jam & Eddie Vedder Parties With Alex Rodriguez


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was in the clubhouse celebrating with the Chicago Cubs after their NLCS victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers, securing them their first trip to the World Series in 71 years. As Vedder was shown celebrating on Fox Sports 1, all time hit king and Cincinnatti Reds legend Pete Rose briefly sang Pearl Jam’s “Better Man.” The post-game panel, which features Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas, then joked about Rose possibly singing “Jeremy” and “Better Man.”

Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez discussed having dinner with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder on Friday night during a Fox Sports 1 telecast last night with Pete Rose and Frank Thomas prior to the Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers National League Championship Series game. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

A-Rod said, “We had a little dinner, he’s a huge Cubs fan, he’s fired up for today, and he was asking for you Pete [Rose], where were you?”

Rose responded, “I know, that’s a merger you two guys together.”

A-Rod said, “He was awesome. I’ve got to tell you, he loves the Cubs. He’s excited, he’s excited and nervous.”

“He’s such a big fan, he keeps score during the game.”

Eddie Vedder recently performed at the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence Show, and told his first ever stand up comedy joke!

“Another story I read about in the paper… about a woman in New York who was going to divorce her husband after 20 years because he played too much Scrabble. It’s all he did, wasn’t working anymore, he played on his computer with strangers, anonymous people, on his phone, in the car.

So she finally says ‘I’m leaving you,’ and he’s kinda caught unaware and she goes ‘the Scrabble, you’re obsessed.’ And he says ‘Obsessed? (holds up finger) That’s an 85 point word.’ (laughter) That’s the first time I’ve ever tried to tell a joke on stage in 25 years.”