Phil Anselmo ‘Butchered’ Surprising Pantera Song


Phil Anselmo admitted to ‘butchering’ a Pantera song constantly in a new Revolver interview.

“OK, [the songs from the 1990 Pantera album] ‘Cowboys From Hell’ – yes, we played everything. ‘Far beyond driven’ – ‘Strength Beyond Strength,’ every night. ‘Becoming’ – yes, ‘Five Minutes Alone’ – yes. ‘I’m Broken,’ yes, ‘Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills’ – we probably did that like a handful of times, and it did not get the reaction that we would hope.

“‘Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks’ – man, I think we’ve done it but I don’t know. ‘Slaughtered’ – yes, ’25 Years,’ that would be my sixth favorite song easily. That was the first one we wrote for ‘Far Beyond Driven.’ ‘Shedding Skin’ – you know what, I’m not sure we ever did that, live. We used to open with ‘Use My Third Arm.’ ‘Throes of Rejection’ – we played it, didn’t get the reaction we wanted but kept the ending of it.

“‘Planet Caravan’ I used to butcher constantly. Off to [1996’s] ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’ – man, I couldn’t hear up there a lot of times. ‘Great Southern Trendkill’ – never played it live, I don’t think. And if we did, it didn’t last long because man, I oversang that song. Yeah, man, I was dying, there’s no way, couldn’t do it.

“I think I do sing, ‘F*** your magazine.’ Pretty edgy, huh? ‘War Nerve’ we used to play, ‘Drag the Waters’ – if we played it, it was brief. ‘Tens’ – that’s a song right there, I’m not sure we ever played that one. We might have. And ’13 Steps to Nowhere’ – we did that song. ‘Suicide Note Pt. 1’ – we did not do but we would always play it and then come in with ‘Suicide Note Pt. 2’.

“‘Living Through Me,’ ‘Hell’s Wrath’ – man, I doubt we ever did that, live. ‘Floods’ we might have done. ‘The Underground in America,’ ‘Sandblasted Skin’ – I actually did that song, I did ‘Sandblasted Skin’ with The Illegals in Japan.

“OK, [2000’s] ‘Reinventing the Steel’ – ‘Hellbound,’ did it. ‘Goddamn Electric,’ did it. ‘Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit,’ did it. ‘You’ve Got to Belong to It’ – never did it. ‘Revolution Is My Name’ – did it, ‘Death Rattle’ – did it. ‘We’ll Grind That Axe for a Long Time’ – I did it with The I**egals in Japan. ‘It Makes Them Disappear’ – never did. ‘I’ll Cast a Shadow’ – never did it.

“[1992’s] ‘Vulgar Display of power’ – I think we did everything. ‘Mouth For War,’ ‘A New Level,’ ‘Walk,’ ‘F***ing Hostile,’ ‘This Love’… ‘Rise,’ that’s the song we only did a handful of times. ‘No Good (Attack the Radical)’ – probably did that in the early ’90s and that was about it.

“‘Living in a Hole,’ man, talk about a bluesy riff. I’m not sure we ever did that live. ‘Regular People’ is another one I don’t think we did live. ‘By Demons Be Driven’ we did, and ‘Hollow’ we did a great portion of. Is that everything?” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his remarks.