Smashing Pumpkins Lower Prices For Reunion Tour Tickets


Smashing Pumpkins ticket prices have been lowered for some Platinum tickets which are right up near the front on the Shiny and Oh So Bright tour. A member of The Smashing Pumpkins Reddit shared the news. There has been a very positive response to the tour so far, you can view a couple of short fan Reddit reviews from the Dallas show below, followed by video of the Pumpkins’ full performance in Austin.

boxcar_182 posted:

Just a heads up: They lowered the price of some of the Platinum tickets to regular price for some of the shows. If you call Ticketmaster you can exchange your tickets. I was able to get floor seats row 2 for the toronto show for only an extra $20 exchange fee!!

here’s the link with information on how to exchange tickets and what number to call (check your shows seat map on ticketmaster before you call to see if any regular priced platinum seats are available)

MicroByte posted:

Dallas show was amazing!!!! 

Nothing more to say, 3+ hours auditory bliss! For those with upcoming shows, you are on for an amazing show. To make it more amazing, our tickets go upgraded to amazing seats so there might be hope for those with pretty crappy tickets.


neatgeek83 posted:

My random thoughts/review on Dallas:

Metric was great. I wasn’t familiar with them before the tour announcement, so I listened to them a lot in the last couple weeks to get familiar with their sound. Consider me a new fan.

Sound was pretty muddy in there. I’ve never seen a concert at the AAC but I’m guessing that’s par for the course. I brought some earplugs, not sure if I would need them. It wasn’t overbearingly loud from where I was sitting (section 107), but the earplugs helped “smooth out” the sound if that makes sense

The stage production and setup was cool but was borderline Spinal Tap. WTF was that light-up chair that was going around the floor during Stairway? Or BC on the elevated piano? The Busby Berkeley-esque background videos? Mark McGrath? Again — all cool. Just borderline parody.

I wanted to yell at everyone who headed toward the concourse during BLOWN AWAY. “WE’VE BEEN WAITING ALMOST 20 YEARS FOR JAMES TO COME BACK AND WHEN HE GETS A SONG, YOU LEAVE?”

The interplay, or lack thereof, between Billy and James was interesting. Billy barely broke the 4th wall, until the very end. Seemed like was really taking the “broadway production” aspect seriously. James talked in between songs, goofed around the audience…seemed much looser than Billy. Which again, kind of made Billy’s seriousness border on parody. It’s a rock show!
Weird that Billy didn’t introduce the band (maybe he did but I left before the encore….)

Set was too long. There I said it. I’m all for getting the most bang for my buck, but 3+ hours was a chore, especially toward the end. I think some selective editing would have paid dividends. Cut the songs no one was asking for — Stairway, Space Oddity, For Martha, To Sheila, and The End in the Beginning…that would result in a perfect 2.5 hour set (speaking of Perfect — that was oddly missing — I still hear that single on the radio every now and again). I left after Muzzle to get a jump on traffic and my 45 minute drive home.

Billy’s SNOKE robe during the last 3rd.

I actually liked knowing the setlist beforehand (I copied it to my phone). Keeping with the whole “it’s a broadway show” theme, it was like having a playbill.

I just about lost my shit during Cherub Rock. That’s my jam. That and Porcelina.

Amazing show — seemed like the band was really into it and hit their groove 5 dates in (as Billy said).