Photo Of Singer Peeing During Stone Temple Pilots Audition At Foo Fighters Studio Leaks


A photo of John Borja, who auditioned for Stone Temple Pilots’ singer job last September but didn’t get the gig, using the bathroom at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 during his audition has leaked. Borja’s STPee submission video during the singer search went viral, with over 236,000 views on YouTube.

The Filipino singer’s audition is said to have gone well according to sources, but he did not get the job as STP’s third singer. The band will reveal their new singer Tuesday night at a show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Jeff Gutt and Pete Murray have been names rumored to be in the mix, though you never know if a secret wild card could be STP’s new singer.

While some fans have disputed that he auditioned, a source has claimed to Alternative Nation that Filipino singer John Borja did indeed audition for Stone Temple Pilots in fall 2016 around the same time that Einar Vilberg did. A source tells Alternative Nation that STP loved Borja’s audition at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606, and that there was a point that he appeared to be the band’s pick to front the band in the ensuing months, but it never came to be. During Borja’s trip to Los Angeles for the audition he was also photographed with Robert DeLeo after a Delta Deep show.

Borja was reportedly under the impression that he would get the job at one point. Stone Temple Pilots members Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz have not commented on what they thought of Borja’s audition itself, outside of shooting down that he was their new singer by recently calling rumors ‘rubbish.’

As of September 2016, Stone Temple Pilots had already auditioned 30 singers, with more auditions coming after September. During auditions, STP didn’t just play old songs, they played new material to see how the singers would be able to write on the spot. The band told singers though that even if they wrote with them, did not mean they were guaranteed to get the gig as the band’s new singer. STP filmed their singer audition process.

  • Eddie Yarler

    Who takes a selfie while peeing? Hope this cost him the gig lol

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