Wolfgang Van Halen Calls Out Michael Anthony After Death


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen has rarely talked about Michael Anthony in recent years after replacing him in Van Halen, but after Anthony posted an emotional tribute to Eddie after his death, Wolfgang sent him a message.

Michael Anthony said, “No words…Heartbroken, my love to the family💔” Wolfgang Van Halen sent Anthony a message, telling him, “Love you, brother.”

brianmayforreal Completely gutted to hear the sad news. This wonderful man was way too young to be taken. What a talent – what a legacy – probably the most original and dazzling rock guitarist in History. I think of him as a boy – an innocent prodigy – always full of joy, always modest – and those truly magical fingers opened a door to a new kind of playing. I treasure the moments we shared. His passing leaves a giant hole in my heart. RIP Ed Van Halen. Bri

Eddie Van Halen’s last photo he took before his death was posted. Def Leppard also reacted to Eddie Van Halen’s death. Joe Elliott said, “I saw Van Halen destroy Sabbath at the Sheffield City Hall in 1977 … Eddie was a big part of that, having essentially reinvented guitar playing just like Jimi Hendrix had done a generation earlier …. I had the pleasure of being on the same bill as Van Halen 7 years ago when Kings Of Chaos were on the same bill at the Stone Music Festival in Australia. I’m happy to say that his playing that night was as good as it’s ever been, he certainly shook things up when he came on the scene …. Rest In Peace Eddie”

Vivian Campbell added, “I distinctly remember the first moment I heard Eddie play. A good friend, also a guitarist, had just bought the first Van Halen album and came by my house and told me that I urgently needed to hear this. He wasn’t wrong; it was a moment that redefined everything that I thought was possible about playing the guitar. The goalposts had just been moved. I stayed up all that night trying to learn from Eddie. Many, many decades later, and I’m still learning from Eddie.”