Pink Floyd Member Brutally Insults AC/DC


Roger Waters recently talked about AC/DC and the late Eddie Van Halen. Waters has been one of the key members of Pink Floyd during the band’s glory days. He was certainly among the musical prodigies who helped shape the course of rock history as the ’60s turned into the ’70s.

Roger Waters continued to work as an independent musician since his departure from Pink Floyd and has managed to retain a fanbase despite his relatively humble solo output.

Roger Waters opens up on AC/DC and Eddie Van Halen

Waters recently admitted to Joe Rogan on his podcast how he’s not “very up” on rock history, noting how he’s always preferred singer-songwriter musicians such as Bob Dylan or Neil Young. Stirred by Rogan’s comment how his parting of ways with Pink Floyd in 1985 was the “biggest breakup, probably, in rock history,” Waters went into his indifference toward some of rock’s greatest (via Killer Guitar Rigs):

“I don’t know… Maybe… I’m not very up on rock history. I’m not very interested in most popular music. I mean, there are certain people that I’m a great fan of, but mainly the sort of writers, the singer-songwriters. So [Bob] Dylan and Neil Young.”

Waters went on to detail a little further and said that it’s “loud rock ‘n’ roll” that he’s not a fan of:

“But I won’t start a long list. I probably could but it’s that end of the spectrum that I’m more interested in. I’m not really interested in loud rock ‘n’ roll. Which some people are and they love it, but I couldn’t care less about AC/DC or Eddie Van Halen or any of that stuff. I just… Who? I don’t go ‘Who?’ Because I obviously know the name.

“And I’m sure Eddie’s brilliant and a great guitar player and wonderful… But that just doesn’t interest me.

“But ‘Look out, Mama, there’s a white boat coming up the river.’ What was that called? ‘Powdermonkey’ [‘Powderfinger’ by Neil Young]. Something like that I kinda have to take a deep [breath]… It’s kind of like ‘Wow! What did he just say?'”