Post Death Soundtrack’s It Will Come Out of Nowhere Is A Manic Masterpiece


Written by Joe Hughes

Doom Metal is the kind of genre that on the surface, you think you know what it’s all about. The truth though is nothing is as it seems. Hailing from Vancouver, Post Death Soundtrack are re-inventing the wheel and raising the bar. With a wicked and wild originality and a seemingly fearless musical appetite, Post Death Soundtrack possess the potential to not only set the world on fire- but to also create an entirely new music genre in the midst.

It Will Come Out of Nowhere, the band’s latest release is a manic masterpiece full of uppity haunting melodies, unexpectedly otherworldly keyboards and brilliant vocals. Throughout It Will Come Out of Nowhere, a whole hell of a lot of awesomeness comes out of nowhere. There’s hints of late 90’s-early 00’s industrial-tinged nu-metal. The vocals definitely play into that notion but the onslaught of bombastic drum machines and infectious rhythms definitively provide it a sound all its own.

“Chosen Sons” rocks in every sense of the word. There’s an early White Zombie vibe oozing through the vibe. The killer track is dangerous. You sit helpless mesmerized. The scream early on is simultaneously glorious and horrifying. And when it comes around it again, it works even better. The eerie synths and rich, lush sound-scape flesh out a wicked opener worth repeated listens.

Post Death Soundtrack cover a ton of ground, musically. Considering they are a duo makes it only the more impressive. “Ripples In the Living Dream” gets my vote for song of the album. It’s busy. It’s frenetic. So much going on yet every single note, beat and sound perfectly crafted. The song turns the here-and-there techno vibe up to ten but it works in a huge way. The vocal line in the verses is simple and to the point allowing for the huge vocal explosion into the chorus. You cannot understate how awesome vocals tend to build and evolve throughout a song; playing with the defined melody and keeping the listener guessing. “Ripples In the Living Dream” perfects this art.

It Will Come Out of Nowhere is the kind of album you listen to and immediately fall in love with the band. There’s so much goodness to be had. For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Orgy and Ministry, Post Death Soundtrack will without doubt become the new soundtrack to your life.