Rage Against The Machine Savagely Mocked By Surprising Member


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello poked fun at his own band’s name in a recent tweet (via MetalheadZone) about a protestor who broke an egg on Australian Senator William Fraser Anning‘s head.

Sana Saeed‘s tweets started the conversation

She tweeted, “I can’t stop watching this new anthem to fighting fascism. In case you want to know who this man is here you go, he blamed the #ChristChurchMassacre in New Zealand on – wait for it – Muslim immigrants. I hope people are watching this with the sound on.”

Morello responded, “Eggs Against The Machine.”

Tom Morello recently wrote on Instagram, “The ACLU is a tireless protector of freedom, truth, and justice. They have fearlessly hounded the perpetrators of excessive executive power, extrajudicial assassinations, and illegal surveillance of civilians, regardless of political party. They once even intervened on behalf of my underground high school newspaper. I am honored to be chosen the ACLU Ambassador for Smart Justice, the first musician in such a post. Our justice system is riddled with racial, economic and political injustice and I look forward to working with the ACLU to confront these injustices at every turn.”

Tom Morello is set to tour solo and with Prophets of Rage this year.