Post-Grunge Singer Tells Axl Rose Strip Club Story: ‘I Was Kind Of A Jerk-Off For Axl’


On June 16th, CKY will issue their first new studio album in eight years, The Phoenix (with the first single/video being a tune called “Days of Self Destruction”), which will be supported this summer by touring as part of the Warped Tour. To commemorate these events, singer/guitarist Chad I Ginsburg recalled what it was like when CKY opened for Guns N’ Roses back in 2002, and memories of Mr. W. Axl Rose.

“I would hang out with Axl almost every day after the show, and kind of do the ‘meet and greets’ with him. At the time, I think he kept me around because I was a bit of a wild card – a bit of an asshole, I think – back then. And I used to say asshole-y things that maybe Axl would have loved to say, but didn’t have to – since he kept me around for a little bit. I was kind of a jerk-off for Axl for a minute. [Laughs] It was good to get along with him. We got to hang out with him at a strip club and talk production with him. He is a real particular dude. He is very much an artist.

He would be the last guy on the stage adjusting just one light can, aiming it. He’s on the stage and show in every angle. He didn’t just go up there, grab his mic, and not know what was going on around him. Every little detail in that room, he had paid very much attention to. He’s that kind of guy. He holds a lot of control over his show, and that’s really respectable.”