Production Issues Delayed New Deftones Album


An interview with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno that was conducted back in October by IVN Studios has just been released. When asked why the band weren’t releasing the album in November 2015 like they had planned, Moreno joked that he lied. “Yes we were, I lied.”

He also discussed the reason the album’s release was delayed (it will now be released on April 8th), “The guy who recorded the record with us had mixed us, but at the time, we finished the record, then we started doing some shows, so we weren’t around while it was being mixed. So we got off tour and we listened to it, we were like, ‘Let’s trying something else.’ We tried someone else who was great, but didn’t record the record, so there were a lot of the nuances and things during the recording that were missing. So we ended up going back with Matt Hyde, who initially recorded the record.”