Ringo Starr Reveals Why Paul McCartney ‘Ended’ The Beatles


The official Twitter account for the Beatles tweeted out the following Ringo Starr quote. The quote actually comes from an old media interview that he gave. The quote expands on the reasoning for why The Beatles broke up and gives us a small glimpse into the making of that decision. Paul McCartney wife reveals ‘miserable’ Ringo Starr photo.

The quote stated:”(None) of the decisions were made quickly. We’d all expressed them & moaned about them, laughed about them & cried about them. Then it had got to a head where it was ‘yes’ or ‘no’ time – and we seemed to do that with the touring, with the recording & with the breaking-up.”

In other news regarding The Beatles, fans took to social media to reflect on Ringo Starr’s most recent studio release – ‘What’s My Name.’ One reviewer wrote: “This latest offering by Ringo literally flew under my radar if it were not for a tip-off from an old pal that Ringo was covering Lennon’s unreleased “Grow Old With Me” in collaborative fashion with McCartney’s inclusion. Aside from Ringo’s very recent later in life realization that Lennon had in fact verbalized that this would make a fine Ringo track – Joe Walsh kicks in subtle punctuated guitar notes – and there’s more to this story. But the album itself is, pardon my bias, a tremendously compelling listen from start to its compact 34:45 minute finish. What a sleeper by a 79-year-old eternally endearing artist that just keeps growing old with me in a good way. Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon widow ruined The Beatles.

Whereas another reviewer said: “With Ringo, you have an idea how his albums play out. And he’s pretty consistent with poppy, catchy jingles. This is a nice, solidly constructed Ringo album. I guess it’s pretty easy to be critical as some reviews prove. I go back over 55 years with The Beatles, beginning February 9, 1964.”

The reviewer continued: “In this particular time and age when so much anger and division intends to break us apart more, it’s wonderful to have some comfort vibes from Ringo. And it’s kinda funny when I go back and listen to some of his other albums, they always seem better than I remembered. I do question the version of ‘Money’ but he can do what he wants, always has. His name is Ringo.” The Beatles’ Ringo Starr revealed horrible disease news recently.