Queen Icon Makes ‘Urgent’ Announcement After ‘Prayers’


Queen guitarist Brian May make an ‘urgent’ announcement on Wednesday night.

“URGENT ! ! ! Please help find Mizzi. Last seen Monday night in CAMBERLEY AREA. If you live nearby or know anyone that does please, spread the word. Get people to check their garages or potting sheds or outhouses. If you don’t live nearby … thanks for your prayers. Bri.”

May also posted, “THANKS Umberto and YATAY for presenting me with these fabulous VEGAN shoes !! My story is —- I was getting fed up with trying to explain why an animal campaigner would be wearing skins of animals on his feet. I reasoned with myself that I needed to go with tradition – stick with what had been my habit ever since Live Aid. Nike and Adidas were part of my make-up. Right ? But … Really there was no explanation. And vegan shoes were always uncomfortable – right ?

Well, I finally went for it for our opening blitz at the Oscars. I chose the brand new line of YATAY shoes – vegan, environmentally friendly, and COMFORTABLE ! And also my conscience felt so much better. No more explaining to do !!! So now I am hooked. These new ones will do nicely for the Summer QAL tour.

See you there folks !! Bri 💥💥💥💥 Remember ! You don’t have to be a Vegan to eat vegan food. Or buy vegan stuff. But every time you invest in vegan merchandise you invest in the health of the planet and the animals that live on it, including ourselves. And you don’t have to make any more excuses !! Swipe to see my legs !! Bri.”