Neil Young Emotionally Makes ‘Sick’ Pearl Jam Claim


Neil Young said he has a ‘sick’ concert film with Pearl Jam ready for release in 2021 in a new Neil Young Archives Q&A, looking back at their 1995 tour. Howard Stern called out a ‘stupid’ Neil Young remark a few months ago.

“I know except….this: There is an amazing film of that tour, maybe a record too, I don’t know at this point, but the film is fantastic!!! It is in production here at NYA, featuring Jeff, Stone, Mike, Jack, Brendan, and myself. It rocks. Scenery is sick. Our songs were all are so cool with this band. It was filmed by Jim Sheridan in Dublin. We can’t wait for that one to come out 2021. Everyone who sees it is whaaaat?”

GreenDiseaseFree said on the Ten Club boards recently about the ticket lottery system and Verified Ticketmaster Fan presale system for the band’s upcoming tour, “Fellow 10Cs while I share the anxiety, disappointment, frustration we all have gone through this last week or so regarding leg 1 of this tour: 10C request, verified fan sucking, public on sale with the goddamn blue man walking, or staying put, “2000+ in front of you”, and all the crap, I didn’t see anyone post something very interesting I noticed tonight:

As of this post, about 10 hours after the public on sale, ONLY New York and Denver are showing tickets on StubHub.

Specifically, MSG only has 34 GA tickets posted, Denver only 4 tickets in GA
While there are over 300 total tickets for MSG listed (for now) that many or most of you deserve over the fucking dirtbags that steal and resell our much sought after tickets, can’t this be looked at as an actual overall victory?

339 total MSG tickets posted is a small number compared to the whole arena. Zero postings for Baltimore. Zero postings for STL. Zero postings for Nashville (which I personally was shut out of in 10C, verified fan, and public sale).

Zero postings for OKC, Oakland. Anyway, while the resell market is not limited to StubHub, my point is, doesn’t this appear, at least at a first glance, this process worked for us all?

The majority of the tickets ‘look’ to be in the hands of the Faithfull, and that, to me anyway, shows that this whole thing might just have worked the way it’s was intended.

I have to obviously note to myself that in a week, this post may backfire on me, but I fucking hate scalpers, I hate TM even more for “feeing” the shit out of reasonable concert tickets, and just overall being dicks, but I cannot help but feel like the band and this process did in fact work more for us than against us. Am I missing something at this time and ranted for no reason?” The first new Pearl Jam album review was recently posted.