Queen Member Reveals New Foo Fighters Drummer?


The search continues for finding a drummer for the Foo Fighters. As we suspected, Dave Grohl seems to be the drummer for the newest Foo Fighters album, but we still need a touring drummer to ensure the same energy is brought out live.

I always felt that Grohl would pull double duty and play live with someone else playing guitar is his spot, but that just doesn’t seem feasible at this point. With so many drummers being named in speculation for months, we now have another to name.

Roger Taylor, the drummer for the band Queen, has responded to rumors regarding his son Rufus Taylor potentially becoming the new live drummer for Foo Fighters as he did play with the band at the Taylor Hawkins memorial.

Roger told BBC 2: “He’s turned into this scary, great drummer with The Darkness […] My son, he’s just annoyingly powerful and he’s become very, very good. I can’t say any more!”

He was then asked about if there would be any way to see Rufus on stage with the Foo Fighters for the long term. Of course, he did have his son’s back.

Roger explained: “Well, he does play brilliantly with them. He knows all their stuff, knows them all very well. He did play ‘Best of You’ with the Foos, and it was phenomenal at Wembley, and at The Forum in LA. What exactly is happening now, I don’t know.”

I think this would be a really great combination for the Foo. You’re bringing in young talent and also adding a whole new perspective to the music and the band, which could end up creating music that is a bit outside of the Foo Fighters realm. This could spark a lot of new sounds to come out from the band.

As for the impact of Hawkins’ passing, Roger said: “We’re never going to forget him. I can’t take him out of my phone,” surely he is mourning just like all of us will continue to do.