Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme Asking Fan To Take Off Pants Is Hilarious


After a rough December 2017, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has been getting rave reviews from fans for his friendliness outside of concerts, granting many photo requests to fans. eric881 shared a funny exchange he had with Homme outside a show on the QOTSA Reddit.

I met one of my music heros in SF last night.Photo taken by Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal. (Humorous story in comments)

Me: Josh can I have a picture please?

JH: Sure man.

Dave:Hey man let me take the picture for ya!

Me: Thanks that would be great!

JH: (with arm on my shoulder): Pants on or off?

Me: Uhhh……. Off.

JH: Alright then man take them off.

Dave: Uh I dont think I know how to work this thing.

JH: Well figure it out,youre the one that wanted to take the fucking picture.

Dave: Ok. I think I got it.

Me: Thanks guys. Josh youre my hero and I love your music.

JH: Ah thank you.

They were some nice dudes.

He later posted:

It was funny because my back was turned to him and I didn’t see [Dave] as I was talking to josh and I hear a random voice saying “hey I can take the picture! Come on I can take it!” And I turn around and see the beard and the glasses and I was starstruck. Lol

My sincerest apologies but both of our pants were kept in tact. Sorry. I would have felt overexposed.