Queens of the Stone Age Frontman Reveals Musicians He Wants To ‘Burn With A Hot Iron’


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme revealed why he wants to ‘burn’ musicians who are ‘working on their brand’ in a new Billboard interview.

“I drink a lot of tequila so I’m sure I can picture myself owning a tequila thing but by the same token, I think a lot of the times people split their focus by trying to sell you champagne or bottled water, which by the way has to be the world’s greatest business. But I’m not interested necessarily in hawking anything for you, or to you. When people say “I’m working on my brand,” that makes me want to take a hot iron and burn you. I never begrudge anyone their success and what they want to do — the way to support artists you love has been stripped away over the years. I have to deal with eBay kids who want me to sign something they can upcharge my fans — they’re getting in the way of our relationship.

And a lot of the world is very entitled and has high expectations and is easily disappointed. That’s kind of lame. But at the same time, I’m not pointing any fingers and it doesn’t make me lose sleep at night. I understand why people want to preserve themselves and have something else. They are not simply relying on music, because that can be scary and difficult and challenging. I’m always expecting someone to walk in the door and say ‘”oh one likes your music anymore, it’s over, go home.” It’s why I try to enjoy it now – that and because I haven’t crossed the threshold into selling water yet.”