Pearl Jam & Mudhoney Secret Supergroup Revealed


In a recent interview with the Seattle Times, as reported by Pearl Jam Online, Steve Turner, a founding member of Green River and Mudhoney, shared fascinating insights about his group’s longstanding connection with Pearl Jam through the years. This musical bond between the bands has yielded exciting collaborations and unexpected moments of creative exploration.

During the interview, Turner revealed a particularly memorable encounter in 2018 when Mark Arm and himself joined Pearl Jam on stage during their Seattle concerts. Interestingly, Turner disclosed that he was in town during that time to rehearse with Stone Gossard and Regan Hagar, the drummer of Malfunkshun and Brad.

This impromptu gathering allowed for the trio to experiment with different grooves using synthesizers, guitars, and drums. Turner expressed his desire to continue this musical journey and potentially record their efforts for future release.

The connection between Steve Turner and Stone Gossard runs deep, with their musical collaboration dating back to the early ’80s with the garage band Ducky Boys. Their partnership extended through Green River and various recordings for Turner’s solo projects.

Notably, Stone Gossard played bass on all tracks of Turner’s Searching For Melody. Another intriguing mention was the formation of the Lopes, a band that comprised Robb Clarke on vocals, Steve Turner on guitar, and Stone Gossard on drums. Although the group’s recorded demo remains unreleased, it marks an intriguing chapter in their musical journeys, albeit brief, as they were active for just one year in 2005.

With such rich musical history and shared experiences, the possibilities for future collaborations between Turner, Gossard, and the members of Pearl Jam seem boundless. Turner’s enthusiasm and hope for future projects underscore the potential for even greater artistic achievements. As fans, we eagerly await the fruits of these creative endeavors, and we hope that something will come of it that we can all listen to.