Queens of the Stone Age New 2023 Album Leaks?


Could news of what Queens Of The Stone Age have been up to just leak? It looks like it as a member of the band recently let a little too much out in an interview.

Queens Of The Stone Age and Mini Mansions’ Michael Shuman has recently sat down for an interview with NME as he shared ‘NIGHT SHIFT’ – the latest single from his new project GLU. For Michael, ‘NIGHT SHIFT’ is the third track from Shuman under the moniker GLU, following the release of ‘Cold Sweat’ and ‘My Demons’ earlier this year.

As the interview first started out, we got to get a dive into his work which is different from his Queens Of The Stone Age work, but it a very positive way as well. His newest song states: “I don’t wanna live another day like this / In a never-ending crisis / Just leave me alone with my vices.”

The change in genre is also great to see as it is more of a rap driven track than you would ever expect from his other workings.

The new single details the feeling of “impending doom” the current chaos of our world elicits but, instead of focusing on the future, living for today instead. It’s an attitude that Shuman said he’s always had, but also nods to sticking with pre-2020 habits in the midst of lockdown.

As the interview would move forward, he would let it slip that Queens Of The Stone Age do seem to be working on new material and will be touring as he said: “With Mini Mansions, we haven’t done anything musical together since our last tour on the last record [in 2019] so there was that gap for me, and although there’s new Queens stuff coming and we have shows coming up next year, there was time for me and I just needed to do something.”