Bono Daughter ‘Gets Wet’ In Bad U2 Pool Photo


U2 frontman Bono‘s daughter, the ravishing Jordan Joy Hewston, took to social media via Instagram to showcase this photo where she is ‘getting wet’ by swimming with sharks on a tropical getaway. You can view this photo below! Bono daughter tight corset photo stuns U2 fans.

In other news regarding Jordan’s rock star father Bono and U2, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of U2’s most beloved albums – ‘No Line on the Horizon’. One fan put: “The album is simply stellar. On first listen, some of the “weird” melody and a different approach can be a little jarring, especially on a song like “unknown caller”, perhaps the track that takes the longest to “grow on you”, but the whole CD grows with repeated listening. I love especially the beautiful “white as snow” with its revisiting of an ancient melody, the very different and “un-U2-like harmonies, especially on that song and “moment of surrender”.

Bono’s daughter caught with Channing Tatum in U2 bed. The fan continued: “Fair warning: As was true, in my opinion, of “How To Dismantle…” there is a lot here that if you aren’t a reasonably biblically literate Christian, you won’t totally get. “White As Snow” comes to mind, as well as “Magnificent”, which is basically a Christian worship song. So if you dislike that aspect of U2’s music, I think this CD might disappoint you. It must be hard to expect a band that has been around this long, long enough to be in that ridiculous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, each one almost fifty years old, to come up with a really “new” sound and yet still maintain their identity. I think they failed to do that ten years ago with “Pop”, and more recently returned to their roots on their 2000 and 2004 CDs rather than exploring drastically new sonic and structural territory, but this time, they’ve really crafted a new kind of sound. The CD grows on you with each listen, and there is so much new musical and lyrical territory charted here. It’s refreshing, especially since they worked with longtime producers Eno, Lanois, and Lillywhite. ”

The fan also said: “A lot of the “Edge”-guitar sound and the very typical Clayton/Mullins rhythmic driving force, and yet lots of very creative keyboard stuff, unexpected changes, different kinds of tonal landscapes, and harmonies that are, as I said, very different from the norm. If you’re looking for part two of their last album, look elsewhere, but this is a classic in its own right.” A creepy Bono and Britney Spears photo was just revealed.