Queens of the Stone Age New Album Leak Is Here


The music industry was buzzing with anticipation for the release of the highly anticipated new album from Queens Of The Stone Age. However, the excitement was unexpectedly tainted when news broke that the album, ‘In Times New Roman,’ had leaked online ahead of its official launch. Since fans have been able to check out the leaked album, they have been full of opinions which are sharply dividing the fan base between those who embrace the new music and those who, quite frankly, hate it.

For some fans, stumbling upon the leaked album was akin to discovering a hidden treasure. They couldn’t resist the temptation and eagerly delved into the tracks, savoring every note and reveling in the early access to new material. To them, the leak became an unexpected gift, a chance to experience the band’s creative genius ahead of schedule. Their enthusiasm is fueled by their undying love for Queens of the Stone Age and their hunger for new music, making the leak an enticing treat, however, many fans hated what they heard.

The contrasting reactions to the leaked album have everyone torn. Many fans are packing up and leaving the Queens Of The Stone Age parade because of how “bad” they felt the music was on the leaked album.

Reddit, as always, had the scoop.

The original poster speaking on the new album stated: “With all the people on here needing to post they dislike the album, I can’t help but think of the Josh (Homme) quote where he says he wants to lose 10% of his fan base each time new music is out. shows growth and evolution musically. the bands desire to push people out makes me like them so much more.”

Fans quickly went to the comment section, which was ripe with opinions.

One commenter stuck out as they said: “If you are a little disappointed by the new album that’s fine. I will say to maybe reserve writing this album off until you’ve heard them jam these songs out live. I felt really disappointed with Villains but on that tour it brought to life a lot of tracks in a different way. I personally have been enjoying listening to ITNR and picking apart all the sounds layered in each track. It has thoroughly scratched my itch. Thanks Ho-Co.”

Queens Of The Stone Age find themselves at the center of this controversy, as per usual, with ‘In Times New Roman.” They’re caught between a fan base torn between their love for the band and the dislike for new music.

As the band navigates this challenging situation, let us hope that the leaked album does not overshadow the genuine excitement and celebration that should accompany the official release.