Gene Simmons Defends Roger Waters After Nazi Accusation


Kiss bassist Gene Simmons recently talked about the criticism over Roger Waters’ concerts last month in Berlin during which the former Pink Floyd leader displayed Nazi-like symbolism and made what some people have described as offensive comments about Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

During the shows at Mercedes Benz Arena, Waters appeared on stage as the character Pink from the rock opera “The Wall” during a performance of the song “In The Flesh”, wearing a black leather trench coat with a red armband bearing two crossed hammers instead of a swastika.

It was later reported that Waters was under investigation for possible incitement by German police, in addition to possibly having committed trademark abuse for the use of Frank’s name without the consent of the Anne Frank Foundation, which has trademarked the name.

Waters projected Frank’s name on a giant screen during the shows, along with several other names of contemporary figures including George Floyd and Shireen Abu Akleh.

Gene Simmons opens up on the matter

Speaking to “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, Simmons, who is Jewish, said: “Well, first of all, [Roger Waters is] a very talented guy. He’s written some of the most wonderful music, along with [the rest of Pink] Floyd many, many decades [ago]. And it’s obviously held up, and he’s got lots of fans.

“There is something to be said for keeping your political and other beliefs off the stage. His choice is to use the stage as a platform to further his point of view. There is a difference between a political statement about Israel and about anti-Semitism. By the way, anti-Semitism also involves Arabs; the definition of a Semite includes the Arab world.

“I think he’s a well-meaning guy,” Simmons continued. “I don’t agree with his point of views, of course… I think he is, from my point of view, inflamed, angry about the political situation — as we all are.”

Since his departure from Pink Floyd in 1985, Waters has been involved in a legal dispute with former bandmates, guitarists and vocalist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason, about the use of the band’s name.